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Trump Derangement Syndrome

Top 10 Best Twitter Reactions to Biden’s New War



It only took one month for the blood lust and greed of the democratic party to push Joe Biden into needless acts of war. If they think the American people didn’t notice how pointless, dangerous and hypocritical Biden’s decision to bomb Syria this week really was – they’d be wrong.

Here are the top 10 reactions to Joe Biden’s first shot in the war with Iran (probably): 

  1. Babylon Bee

  1. Tom Woods

  1. Ash (Sigma Female) 

  1. Matt Binder

  1. Gio DeBatta

5. Madison Cawthorne 

  1. Jess

  1. Kennedy

  1. Mini AOC

  1. Michael David 

  1. Tom Bevan

BONUS: Jen Psaki actually

What were some of your favorites? Tweet @free_pressfail

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