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The Latest Statement From Governor Andrew Cuomo Is Shocking Everyone – Even NY Democrats!



Emmy-award winning governor Andrew Cuomo has been under fire A LOT recently.

And not just for the decision that lead to the deaths of thousands of elderly New Yorkers.

Last week, 3 women – all former staffers of the Governor – made allegations of sexual assault.
Along with the accusation came decades worth of screenshots from inappropriate email correspondence, eyewitness accounts of the incidences, and basically a synchronized sigh from New York elitists who have known about Andrew’s less-than-professional behavior all along.

The New York legislature is already working to strip Gov Cuomo of his emergency powers and several high-power Democrats have called for the governor’s resignation.

But Andrew had something to say about that. In his first public appearance since the accusations, he told the press “I am not going to resign.”

And what he went on to say was really classic Cuomo conversation… watch for yourself!

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