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YAAAH! Howard Dean Is Back With An Absolutely Insane Attack On Ron DeSantis



Liberal Howard Dean hasn’t made many headlines since the infamous screaming video of 2004, but his latest comments on COVID stats are gaining some traction online.

The former Democrat chair is going after the rockstar governor of Florida with 100% fact-free commentary.

Dean tweeted “there is plenty of evidence that the Governor and his henchmen cooked the books in multiple ways. The Florida statistics on covid are completely worthless.”


This accusation is, no shock, completely unfounded.

There is absolutely no evidence that DeSantis or “his henchman” covered up coronavirus statistics in any way. In fact, the only evidence of cooked books in the whole state were suspect reports of HIGHER infection rates, not lower, as we reported here back in July.

Does this make Howard Dean a conspiracy theorist? Or is that just a term we’re only applying to Republicans these days?

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