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Facebook Banned The Sound Of Trump’s Voice, But They’re Still Running Ads Defending Genocide In China



Earlier this week, Lara Trump shared an email from Facebook revealing that it’s not just President Trump who has been banned from the platform. Any footage of the former president is also banned. His “image” is banned. The sound of his voice is banned.

They made the decision back in January with the self-righteous claim that they were defending democracy and preventing violence.

This claim seems especially ironic when you learn that Facebook is taking hundreds of thousands of dollars from Communist China to defend genocide against the Uyghur population — which is actually a super violent thing to do and isn’t in line with democracy at all, in case they weren’t sure about that.

The videos promoted in Facebook ads depict thriving Uyghurs who love their Chinese prisons. They’re displayed without a fact-check alert which might read that “The United States and most of Europe has condemned China and the CCP for their mass internment, forced sterilizations, and genocide of the Uyghur population.”

The mainstream media has yet to take issue with Facebook’s hypocrisy, but it seems they’re getting some negative feedback from people within the organization.

The Wall Street Journal reported on Friday that “some Facebook staff are raising concerns on internal message boards and in other employee discussions that the company is being used as a conduit for state propaganda.”

Facebook has only responded publicly to clarify that none of the ads running for China violate any existing Facebook policies.

It makes you wonder: what kind of policy bans even the voice of a popular former President of the United States but promotes blatant lies from Communist propagandists?

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