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FAUCI VS BIDEN: Are They Turning On Each Other?



Recently, the Biden administration shut down a Trump-era State Department effort to find the origin of COVID-19. The effort was initially led by Secretary Pompeo to prove the Coronavirus leaked for the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

Of course, when Trump was president and Pompeo was Secretary of State, the idea that the virus was started in a Chinese lab was dismissed as a conspiracy. Now, it’s the mainstream thought. Even Dr. Fauci has come around to supporting the investigation in the last two weeks after he was absolutely destroyed by Senator Rand Paul during Senate testimony.

So now that Biden’s canceled the probe – Fauci and Biden have beef.

Or at least that’s how they want it to seem.

On Wednesday, Fauci told the Senate that he was “never” made aware of the move to end the probe. He claims he only “read about it in the press this morning.”

That seems like a very strange thing considering the reported closeness of Joe Biden and Anthony Fauci. Joe Biden has said before that he trusts Fauci completely! But now he’s ending probes without consideration of Dr. Fauci’s opinion?


Dr. Fauci resumes coronavirus briefings at White House under Biden  administration | WFLA

Republican lawmakers have pointed to Fauci’s connection to the grant-funding to the Wuhan lab as a reason for his dismissal, and a reason that the chief medical advisor to President Biden might encourage the end of an investigation that revealed how deeply involved with the Chinese labs Fauci really had become.

Despite continuous denial from Dr. Fauci, government paper trails prove that the National Institutes of Health, led by Anthony Fauci, supplied $600,000 in grants to the Wuhan Institute of Virology through sub-grant programs.

China stands by claims that their labs are not behind COVID-19.

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