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Republicans Didn’t Kill The Bill! Here’s The Truth About The January 6th Commission Vote



On Friday, before everyone took off for Memorial Day weekend, the Senate voted on whether or not to establish a 9/11-style commission into the January 6th attack on the Capitol.

The bill failed 54 to 35, after 6 Republicans joined Schumer’s majority to support the commission. Every headline since has read “Republicans Kill The Bill,” “Republicans Block The Vote,” “Republicans Shut Down Commission Effort.”

That’s a nice thing to say – that the Republicans would join together to prevent the creation of a commission that would waste a lot of time and money – but that’s simply not what happened.

As you might have noticed with those vote totals above… a lot of Senators refused to vote. (54+35=89 We have 100 Senators.)

And the Senators who didn’t vote weren’t just Republicans. They were Democrats, too.

9 Republicans and 2 Democrats skipped out on the chance to establish the commission to investigate “the greatest attack on our democracy since the Civil War.”

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Maybe they were worried the facts revealed by a commission would not be politically favorable to them? Maybe they thought a commission would waste millions of taxpayer dollars with little to show for it? Maybe they just had early cookout plans for the weekend?

Hard to say.

Only one thing is really clear: 11 senators didn’t have the courage to take a stand on the bill.

2 Democrats didn’t think it was as important as Joe has indicated over the past few weeks and 9 republicans didn’t have the heart “to kill” a pointless waste of time.


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