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BREAKING: President Trump Is Returning To Facebook… After The Next Election



GOOD NEWS: Facebook has officially announced that President Trump will be returning to the platform!

BAD NEWS: He won’t be returning until January of 2023. Just a few short months after the 2022 mid-term elections.


The timing here is exactly what we should expect from the same platform that basically worked as an official arm of the Biden campaign in 2020. Remember when they banned any coverage of Hunter Biden and promoted biased FACT-CHECKS on every single post from President Trump?

Guess they’ve just cut their work in half for the 2022 elections because now they don’t have to worry about Trump at all now. RIP all those “fact-checker” jobs. Guess we can add those to the Biden job losses.

Trump impeachment article introduced against US President after Capitol  Hill riots

Can’t wait to see what Trump has to say about this… via official press release since these tech giants are in full censorship mode.