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BREAKING: Putin Dishes The Details On Meeting With Biden



Despite American concerns about the president’s mental capacity, the long-awaited summit with Biden and Putin finally happened.

And Putin immediately dished all the details to the press.

He told the crowd that there was “no hostility” in his meeting with Biden and announced that the two sides agreed to return the ambassadors of each of their nations to their posts.

“We spoke the same language. That doesn’t mean we necessarily have to look into our eyes, look into our souls, we need to have eternal friendship and love. We have to represent our countries,” said Putin.

According to on half of the pair, it was seemingly a happy meeting.

But when Putin pivoted to take questions from the press, his answers suggested there might have been more hostility than first implied.

He took aim at the United States for violence and “insurrection,” citing January 6th as a terrible thing he wants to avoid happening in Russia. He defended his false imprisonment of reporters. Then, he suggested the criticism of the Russian regime was evidence that there is “no happiness in life.”


Biden’s account of the events will be heard at a later press conference.

Presumably, after the president’s nap.