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BREAKING: Did This U.S. Olympian Really Just Snub America?



This weekend the United States Olympian competing in the Olympic Trials for Track and Field, Gwen Berry, took bronze in her event, Hammer throw, and upon taking a stand at the podium turned her back on the American Flag during the national anthem. Taking a petulant stance as seen above, Berry also at one point put a t-shirt over her head like a small tantrum throwing child to allegedly express her displeasure with the anthem and America in general. 

It’s a bit baffling that an individual so dissatisfied with America would, totally voluntarily, seek out a role to represent America on the global stage. Being a part of the US team is essentially like military service. When you sign up, sure you’re allowed to have opinions, but you sign up with the intention of endorsing American values and applying them onto the world. So to go out of her way to support America only to then not support America is confusing. 

Even more confusing were her comments about why she reacted the way she did – like a small baby pulling her dress over her head – when the anthem played. She said that she felt “blindsided” by the anthem. According to the Associated Press, she said: 

“I felt like it was a set-up. Like they did it on purpose. I was pissed to be honest.” 

Has Berry never watched a single Olympic event in her entire life or is she just stupid? Every single Olympics since forever has featured the national song of the Gold medal winner (in this case American, DeAnna Price) who gets to place their hand over their heart as it plays while they stand proud on the podium. 

Here’s the truth: Berry was mad she lost. She was not the winner or even second place. Its a huge honor that she medaled and was even on the U.S. team. No one has ever even heard of Gwen Berry until this major fit and there is no way the Olympic official in charge of hitting play on the stereo heard of or cared about her enough to “target her” with the national anthem which was being played – not for her at all but for the Gold medal winner. 

Berry is a narcissist who thinks that the entire Olympic games exist within some universe that she’s the main character and just because she got in trouble for protesting in 2016 she thinks every single thing that happens in the Olympics is about her being some trite, tired activist with a chip on her shoulder. And in believing this she intentionally and successfully took attention away from the Gold medalist who kicked her butt. 

Berry went on to say that the national anthem “doesn’t speak for her and never has.” Then why on earth, Gwen, are you competing as an American in the Olympics (AGAIN)? Why not go hammer throw for another country which suits you better and whose anthem might speak for you? If you’re SO MUCH BETTER than everyone else in America then why even bother with us? If you can’t even believe in the country at the most fundamental level of supporting its flag and anthem? At least the NFL players never signed up to represent the country. 

Of course, America’s confused elderly grandfather Joe Biden didn’t have the courage or integrity to stand up for our country and had his low energy press secretary tell us that he has “great respect for the anthem and all it represents BUT….(always a but with these anti-American liberals) that means recognizing there are moments where our country hasn’t lived up to our highest ideas.” 

What an inspiration to our country and the world Gwen Berry and our President really are. Happy Olympics.