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Is Everyone In Hollywood Non-Binary Now Or Are They Just The Worst?



In just the first few months of summer, just in time for pride month in June of 2021, what seems like hundreds (but probably dozens) of celebrities have come out of the closet as LGBTQIA+ (you read correctly that is the correct spelling these days). This includes pop singer, Demi Lovato (who quite literally will not shut up about it) and Disney Star Dove Cameron who immediately said Pride Month was hers now. 

First of all: I have gay family and friends and am a big peace loving hippie about support for the gay community and celebration of every persons right to be whoever they want to be. So my criticism of these starlets is not about actually being gay or trans or whoever they want – its about being insufferable narcissists. 

Hollywood is the worst. Most of these celebs instead of coming out in any way which commits them to anything at all, are coming out extremely vaguely as the loosest of the LGBTQIA+ categories such as “non-binary” and “queer” and “pansexual” which are different than “trans” “gay” and “bisexual” APPARENTLY. 

These vaguely LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans) individuals have become so prevalent they had to add not only Q (Queer) but also I (Intersex) and A (Asexual and ally) and also + which means literally anything at all. So pride month can be about you now if you’re not even gay but you just….like….gay people? So is Pride about me now? Everyone gives me presents and throws me a parade for being a basic human being? There are seven letters and a plus sign in the acronym which is about 1/3rd of the entire alphabet. At this point the entire point of an acronym – to shorten a phrase – is a bit moot. 

Dove Cameron: Pride Month is About Her Now

It’s annoying that all of these random celebrities – mainly liberal women – have come out and totally appropriated a cause in a way no one feels safe to criticize for fear of being accused of homophobia and intolerance. But at this point so much of Hollywood has decided they need to be special with a special label that it would actually be easier if the non LGBTQIA+ celebrities identified themselves. Their flag can just be plain gray or something. 

Again, its not that I don’t think someone shouldn’t be or couldnt be non-binary or queer I just think that might cover so many people in Hollywood that its not really worth mentioning anymore and frankly its not enough of a lifestyle commitment to garner the applause these narcissists demand. 

^This is the real flag. If a flag has every color is that basically like it has no colors?

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