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Kamala Dearest? Turns Out The Democrat Leader Is A Total Tyrant



Politico released a report this week citing dozens of Kamala Harris’s Vice Presidential staff members who claim that Kamala is a toxic boss surprising absolutely no one.

Kamala Harris, the woman who laughed so maniacally upon ~winning~ the election that it sent shivers down the spine of children not yet born, apparently does not make a very strong manager of human people. Yes, folks, apparently the last place democratic presidential nominee who could not even inspire a single delegate vote in the primary is actually not a very inspirational leader. 

According to 22 different members of staff, Kamala has hired herself a chief protector, Tina Flournoy (who is notably good friends with Donna Brazile which should tell you enough), who shuts down ideas, ignores concerns and treats precious Kamala with kid gloves. Apparently Flournoy is rude and hostile and often refuses to take responsibility for the team who she is supposed to be leading on behalf of Kamala Harris.

But it’s not just Tina who is a tyrant. Kamala’s staff called her “abusive” and described her as short-fused and someone who supports a very unhealthy place to work. 

When faced with these charges, Kamala’s spokeswoman discredited them by pulling the race card and calling all the accusers “cowards.” We cannot make this stuff up.

In regard to the race card, one top official, Gabrielle DeFranceschi, who recently packed up her things and quit said that the Kamala office is “nothing like” the Obama operation where she previously worked. 

What a wonderful first foray into female leadership in the United States. Thank you, Kamala Harris, for confirming every fear any man has ever had about women in power. You are an inspiration to all of us.