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BREAKING: Election Officials Admit To Huge Mistake



After the 2020 election, many Americans have grown skeptical of the electoral process.

And Election Officials in New York City aren’t easing anyone’s concerns.

This week they were forced to admit that 135,000 test ballots were inadvertently included in the total vote count of the Democrat mayoral primary. 

They claim this was due to a system error, where test ballot images were not properly cleared from the system prior to counting the real ballots.

New Yorkers first grew suspicious of the vote count when the total number of in-person votes rose from 799,887 to 941,832, increasing the number of votes for all the major candidates – and disproportionately so.

Adams – a favored lead – picked up about 17,000 votes, compared to 10,000 more for Wiley, and 11,000 more for Garcia. 

The Board has officially retracted their totals and released the following apology.

They have pledged to correct the error. 

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