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Trump Derangement Syndrome

BOMBSHELL CONFIRMED: The NSA Has Been Spying On Tucker Carlson! Here Are The Details



Last week, Tucker Carlson reported that the NSA had been spying on him.

The NSA denied it in a weak statement that all-but-confirmed the surveillance of Tucker’s communications.

But now, it’s been proven that sources in the so-called “intelligence” community have been leaking the contents of the emails to members of the press (who are SUCH good people that they continued to accept the leaks, rather than reporting the offense).

Using our intelligence community to spy on political reporters is absolute Soviet-level stuff.

The NSA claims this was done because Tucker intended to interview Russian President Putin. 

But here’s the problem… 

Even if Tucker was best friends with Putin it’s not lawful to leak the private info of an American. A FISA warrant only very specifically applies to the surveillance of the foreign actor’s communications. But the NSA was leaking emails sent from Tucker to Tucker’s producer – very clearly two non-Russian parties. 

Of course, we know these FISA warrants have been abused in the past. They used the same faulty, politically motivated warrants to go after members of the Trump campaign in 2016.

Tucker breaks down the full offense here:

Liberal journalists have rushed to the defense of the NSA, claiming of course that “TUCKER DESERVED IT!” 

This idea that any political adversary deserves to lose their Constitutional rights is something that is all too common lately. Tucker deserves to be spied on because he’s a Republican! Rudy Guliani should lose his job because he’s a Republican! Ashley Babbitt’s shooter should never be brought to justice because Ashli is a Republican!  

It’s all infuriating.

Every single person in our media and government who has declared Trump the enemy has somehow managed to excuse every unlawful action against the former president and his supporters.

Fake warrants. Spying. Leaking private data. Armed raids. Even murder. Anything to destroy the right, they support it. They feel justified in the offense because they truly believe THEY are right and the RIGHT is wrong. 

With that level of self-righteousness SO apparent now, is it really so hard to believe that these same people would steal the election?

Not really.