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What Do Hunter Biden’s Laptop, Hillary Clinton, And General Flynn Have In Common?



Since 2019, Hunter Biden’s emails from a recovered laptop have been slowly filtering out to the public. These bombshells have rarely made front page news because the fake news media will do anything to protect their precious grandfather, Joe Biden.

But today an interesting set of emails were released which show that, much like Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden didn’t care much for public information and top-secret rules and sent official State Department information to his son, Hunter via his personal email. 

What does that have to do with General Flynn? Here’s where it gets interesting. 

Recall that General Flynn was originally being criminally investigated by the FBI due to an op-ed he wrote on behalf of the Turkish government. And somehow, following these events, the narrative became totally Russian and there was no mention again of Turkey by the media or the left, or even the intelligence community.

In these released emails, one of the most egregious violations of federal law was when Joe Biden as Vice President in the Obama White House received early word from Turkish government officials that an American named Martin O’Connor would be released from detention in December of 2014. President Biden forwarded this email to his personal gmail account and then forwarded it to Hunter. 

Why would Hunter Biden need to know this information? Martin O’Connor is a financial trader with deep ties to Chicago politicians. His father, Edmund O’Connor, was the driving force in the founding of the Chicago Board Options Exchange which is the largest options exchange in the country. His wife’s twin brother is Illinois State Senator Michael Connelly, a republican. O’Connor was arrested attempting to leave the country with antiquities that he had purchased believing to be legal. 

(Martin O’Connor is on the right) 

From my research, I can find no connection or even a thread of connection between Martin O’Connor and the Biden family. So it truly begs the question why did Hunter Biden need to know that Martin O’Connor had been released from Turkish prison? 

Unfortunately, these are questions unanswered as of now. But I will not be letting this Turkish thread go or the Hunter Biden email scandal go any time soon.

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