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BREAKING: New Poll Shows How Americans Really Feel About Critical Race Theory



Liberals across the country are committed to putting Critical Race Theory on the curriculum.

They want to teach American children that this nation is racist, our institutions are worthless, and we need to completely rebuild our country in line with their super-woke agenda.

Many parents have expressed their concerns with viral videos that earned millions of internet points. And it looks like those parents are not alone.

These social-justice CRT freaks are going to have to fight a LOT of parents if they’re going to force their plan forward. More than half the country is against them!

According to a new national survey by Rasmussen Reports, most voters think it is important that kids learn traditional values in school – not socialist propaganda.

The survey conducted online and by phone finds that 78% of likely voters say it’s at least somewhat important for schools to teach the traditional values of Western Civilization. More than half – 52% – say it’s Very Important.

Despite President Biden’s revolutionary, transformative winning of 81 million votes, (lol), it seems America has NOT transformed enough to accept Biden’s woke path. Rasmussen notes that these results are “virtually unchanged from four years ago,” when President Trump was elected.


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