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WHAT?! Joe Biden Goes After Voting Reform With This Absurd Comparison



President Joe Biden is not a fan of the election integrity laws passing all over the nation.

He’s made that clear several times, even going as far as calling the popular legislation “Jim Crow 2.0.”

Now, he’s upping the insult with a new statement that compares any attempt to secure our elections to…

The Civil War.

Biden told the press that there is “an unfolding assault taking place in America today, an attempt to suppress and subvert the right to vote.”

“We’re facing the most significant test of our democracy since the Civil War. That’s not hyperbole, since the Civil War.”

Joe Biden doesn’t like voter ID. He doesn’t like extended early voting. He doesn’t like clearing the voter rolls. WE GET IT. But this is a little much, don’t you think?

More than 700,000 Americans DIED in the Civil War.

Also, how many things is Joe going to compare to this terrible time in American history?

Earlier this week, he said that rioters on 1/6 were “worse than slaveowners during the Civil War.”

These comparisons are absurd and they’re getting very tired. Almost as tired as Sleepy Joe.