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BREAKING: Tucker Carlson Takes On Dr. Fauci And The Left Is Losing Their Mind Over It



For months now it has been reported that Dr. Fauci and the NIH funded research at the Wuhan lab of virology.

The question of whether or not they “invented” COVID at that lab has been a hot topic of debate. Fauci has denied involvement, but there’s a long paper trail that proves that the NIH grants supported by Dr. Fauci *did* fund “gain of function” research that could have lead to the creation of deadly Coronaviruses like COVID-19. (Maybe you’ve seen Rand Paul and Fauci go head to head on this in the Senate?)

Now, Tucker Carlson is basically saying what we all know: Fauci had a role in the Coronavirus research. Big time. And he said so in his monologue on Wednesday.

Now the left is absolutely flipping out online. Odds are, those who are calling for his cancelation now haven’t actually watched Tucker’s bit on it – but you should. It’s pretty great.


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