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Are Snoop Dogg and Kevin Hart the best Olympic commentators ever?



You may be wondering what Snoop Dogg and Kevin Hart have to do with the Olympics. Ostensibly nothing. While both men seem to keep fairly well in shape, neither are athletes or professional sports commentators or even journalists. However, some geniuses over at NBC (clearly not from the newsroom) decided to pair the two up and have them host an Olympic recap show every couple of days on NBC’s streaming service, Peacock. 

The two are an absolute delight and going forward I will demand Hart and Dogg commentary for any and all sporting events. 

Here are their best moments so far. 

  1. Kevin Hart saying “water is undefeated”

In covering the Canoe Slalom victory of Ricarda Funk from Germany Hart said “Water ain’t never lost and she just beat water.”  

  1. Snoop absolutely vibing dressage 

Dogg was delighted when the dancing horses were performing saying: “Oh the horse is crip walking, cuh!!”

  1. When Kevin Hart insisted that Chinese weightlifter, Shi Zhiyong, pooped his pants

Kevin Hart is positive at least a little piece of poop had to have come out. 

  1. When Snoop Dogg thought he could medal in Skeet Skeet

If you do not know, look it up cause I’m not telling you.

  1. Twin martial artist 9 year olds absolutely roasting Kevin Hart 

I don’t know who these kids are or who scripted their sick burns but they were adorable and hilarious. 

  1. When Kevin wanted to know how someone even becomes a trampolinist 

“Something happened.” 

  1. When they said peek-a-boo in LA is “Nye Nye Bish” 

This came during an extremely awkward interview where they inexplicably learned how to say “peek-a-boo” in Japanese” 

  1. When Snoop was uncomfortable with the term “shuttlecock” 

When covering the badminton finals. Snoop must prefer the term bridie

These are just some of the many wonderful moments between the two on their Olympic Highlights show. I could not recommend viewership of the show more strongly. 

Check it out on Peacock! 

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