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Team USA Won The Olympics And Here Are All Our Golden Moments



Team USA won the Olympics this year with not only the most medals overall but also the most Gold medals edging out China by 1 gold and several medals for the overall total. Winning is the American way and despite Joe Biden’s best efforts, team USA has still come out on top. 

So put on Whitney’s national anthem performance and look at all the times we kicked global butt. Here are all 39 of our golden moments: 

  1. Women’s Volleyball 
  1. Men’s Basketball 
  1. Women’s Basketball 
  1. Women’s 3×3 Basketball 
  1. Men’s Freestyle Wrestling 
  1. Men’s Freestyle Wrestling 87kg
  1. Women’s Freestyle Wrestling*  

*One of the all time best Olympic moments in history 

  1. Women’s Beach Volleyball 
  1. Men’s 4x400m Relay 
  1. Women’s 4x400m Relay 
  1. Women’s Track Cycling Omnium Points Race
  1. Women’s Water Polo
  1. Women’s Golf Individual 
  1. Men’s Golf Individual 
  1. Women’s All-Around Gymnastics 
  1. Women’s Gymnastics Floor Apparatus
  1. Men’s shot put*

*My favorite Olympian this year, Ryan Crouser

  1. Women’s Discuss
  1. Women’s 400m Hurdles
  1. Women’s 800m Running
  1. Women’s Pole Vault 
  1. Men’s 50m freestyle swimming, 100m freestyle swimming, and 100m butterfly swimming
  1. 1500m freestyle swimming and 800m freestyle swimming 
  1. Men’s 400m Individual Swimming Medley 
  1. Men’s 4x100m Relay Swimming Medley and Freestyle 
  1. Men’s 1500m Freestyle Swimming
  1. Women’s 100m Breaststroke Swimming 
  1. Women’s shortboard surfing 
  1. Women’s Individual Foil Fencing 
  1. Women’s Taekwondo 57kg
  1. Women’s 200m Canoe Sprint 
  1. Men’s 10m Air Rifle 
  1. Women’s Skeet Shooting
  1. Men’s Skeet Shooting 
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