BREAKING: Biden’s Taliban Defense? A Strongly Worded Letter (No, Seriously) – Free Press Fail
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BREAKING: Biden’s Taliban Defense? A Strongly Worded Letter (No, Seriously)



While the Taliban takeover in Afghanistan continues to make life miserable, Biden has avoided any substantial response.


And apparently, that’s the plan they’re sticking to.

In a friendly interview with fake news Wolf Blitzer, Biden’s ambassador to the United Nations, Linda Thomas-Greenfield was asked about the rising violence against women.

She responded to say “we are hearing from people in Afghanistan that they are getting threats from the Taliban, and we have expressed in no uncertain terms, here at the United Nations, through a very strongly-worded press statement from the Security Council, that we expect the Taliban to respect human rights including the rights of women and girls.”


A strongly-worded press statement? The Biden administration just went full Karen. Thomas-Greenfield would have asked to speak with the manager, but that’s the United States. Or was. Perhaps someone in Beijing will answer the emails that Jen Psaki ignored on autoresponse.

Thomas-Greenfield continued, “we have also indicated that they have to be respectful of humanitarian law. And that we do not expect to see that Afghanistan will become a safe haven for terrorists.”

There you have it. The Biden response to the Taliban is no better than a letter to the editor. That’ll save everyone!

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