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Following the unmitigated disaster in Afghanistan, President Biden is facing heavy criticism from both sides.

Now, the official calls for impeachment are beginning.

Senator Lindsey Graham told Rob Schmitt of Newsmax that “I think he should be impeached. This is the most dishonorable thing a commander in chief has done, maybe, in modern times. Joe Biden, for political reasons, wanted to pull all of our troops out because of the polling numbers, and what has he done?”

He continued saying He’s created the conditions for another 9/11. He’s abandoned thousands of people who honorably and bravely fought along with us, and how do you win this war over time if you have nobody to help you over there? How do you keep it from our shores if all of us are here.”

“So here’s what I think: I think this is a dereliction of duty at the highest level,” he told Schmitt.

He didn’t stop there.

Graham ranted that “Joe Biden deserves to be impeached because he’s abandoned thousands of Afghans who fought with us. He’s going to abandon some American citizens because he capitulated to the Taliban’s 31 August deadline. If I was our president of the United States, I would have told the Taliban to, ‘go to hell; we’re going to stay here as long as it takes to get our people out.’

“And if I were president of the United States, I would have had soldiers in Afghanistan as long as it takes to keep America safe.”

“I didn’t think anybody could screw up the world in seven months like this,” Graham added.

Let the games begin.

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