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CA RECALL UPDATE: Should Gavin Newsom Start Packing?



The remaining good people of California have finally risen up against their progressive oppressors and successfully initiated a recall election for their failed overlord Governor, Gavin Newsom. 

A darling of the left, the beady eyed Newsom was a leader in unconstitutional abuse of power during the COVID-19 pandemic implementing lock-downs and halting the freedom of worship before it was cool. After a year of catastrophic economic catastrophe, pseudo-science with moving goal posts and rampant unethical mismanagement of public funding, the people of California are taking a stand. 

(Larry Elder) 

On September 14, 2021, California voters will vote to keep Newsom or remove him from office and then to select a successor. The top Republican candidate and talk show host, Larry Elder, is the likely strongest candidate to win the succession vote against Newsom but the field also boasts Republican transgendered olympian, Caitlyn Jenner who has close ties to President Trump and former Mayor of San Deigo Kevin Faulconer amongst others. 

But does Elder and freedom have a chance? Can we make California great again? 

The liberal hegemony of California has done everything in their power to ensure the people can never rise up. State law allows a sitting Governor facing a recall to raise unlimited amounts of funds with no caps on individual donors whereas recall successor candidates are capped at $34,500 per donor. Newsom has taken advantage of this rule receiving several individual donations from his rich and powerful friends for over $1 million each. 

But Newsom has faced considerable blows and should probably at least consider finding his luggage. To begin with, his team threw out nearly 25% of the signatures collected for his recall and there were still plenty to trigger the election. He reimplemented a needless mask mandate much to the ire of both conservative business owners and pro-vaccine believers in science. In July, Newsom lost his lawsuit to keep Larry Elder off the ballot (due to tax returns). Just today a federal judge denied his petition to end the recall. 

Furthermore, because of Newsom’s continued dedication t0 California’s absolutely failed forest management policies (anti-brush clearing, anti-timber management, anti-common sense) the entire northern half of the state is being ravaged in fires once again with no hope of salvation except for the help outside emergency forces. 

Meanwhile his greatest ally, Kamala Harris, who has been campaigning for Newsom since the start of the recall, is under extreme scrutiny as she has totally ignored the crumbling situation in Afghanistan and still has not been to the Southern border of the United States. Scheduled appearances by Harris have been quietly canceled to try and distance Newsom from her toxic energy. 

With even the most liberal polls placing Newsom only up 3 to 5 points for “keep,” things are looking grim indeed for the former golden boy and very good for the people of California. 

Even if he manages to slither into victory, the recall itself is a major step forward for America as we have said goodbye to one coastal tyrant, Andrew Cuomo, and have now sent a very clear message to the other.

Its time for Newsom to pack up his failures and his hair gel and head for his mansion in the hills. 

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