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BREAKING: How Much Firepower Did Biden *ACTUALLY* Leave The Taliban? The Answer Will SHOCK You



As you know, Joe Biden has systematically failed in his catastrophic withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan. A twenty-year war as of next Saturday, Joe Biden inherited President Trump’s correct policy to withdraw from the country but instead of working allegiances, setting a plan and methodically removing Americans and allies from the area, Joe Biden waited until the last possible second and pulled out troops leaving behind thousands of American personnel and civilians as well as tens of thousands of U.S. allies.

On top of suffering more military losses in a single day than were suffered in all of 2020 under President Trump in Afghanistan, Joe Biden also launched a drone strike with American personnel still in the area which killed seven children and seemingly no members of ISIS-K or the Taliban. The U.S. Central Command and the White House have so far been unable to provide a single name of the terrorists they were allegedly targeting. 

To call the Afghanistan withdrawal an unmitigated failure would be the understatement of the century. 

On top of the lives lost, the embarrassment to the United States, and the devastating blow to global peace the Afghanistan situation has caused, Biden has also propped up the Taliban in a very real way by providing them with a significant weapons arsenal. 

In his haste to withdraw without a plan, Biden abandoned one of the United States’ most strategic bases in the region which was home to a significant amount of heavy weaponry. The UK-based Sunday Times released a powerful graphic outline just how heavily Joe Biden has now armed the Taliban. The reality is staggering and there are already reports that some of these weapons are likely to be handed over to Taliban allies like Iran and even terrorist groups like ISIS-K. 

Because of Joe Biden’s flippant incompetence and total failure as the President of the United States, the Taliban is now the proud owner of the second most Black Hawk helicopters in the world – America being the first. The Pentagon has had the nerve to comment that Taliban pilots wouldn’t be skilled enough to fly the dozens of helicopters and planes including carriers they left behind and that they wouldn’t be able to repair them. However, the Pentagon seems to fail to realize that Iran does know how to fly the planes. So does Russia. And China. So I think the Taliban could fairly easily be trained. 

Not to mention the fact they will have no trouble driving the tens of thousands of armored vehicles we’ve left for them and shoot the hundreds of thousands of guns. 

So now as the United States inevitably spends billions to combat the rise of state-sponsored terrorism and defend our regional allies, American’s can sleep peacefully knowing that we are fighting against weapons we paid for and provided to our enemies. As blood spills, thanks to Joe Biden, we will know that it spills from our own guns and planes and bombs no matter who perpetrates the killing. 

Joe Biden can sleep comfy in his White House bed knowing that if servicemen and women die combatting the disaster he’s created in the area that they will die at the tips of our own spears.

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