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BREAKING: Joe Biden Demands $6.4 Billion For This Terrible Refugee Plan



White House officials have asked Congress for an additional $6.4 billion in emergency funding to help resettle nearly 100,000 Afghan citizens displaced by Biden’s botched withdrawal earlier this month.

In the letter to lawmakers, Budget Director Shalanda Young outlined the plan for the increased budget, which would fund necessary paperwork processing for U.S. allies and refugees and provide transportation to their final destination in the United States.

(REMINDER: He wants $6.4 BILLION for refugee Afghans, but he left at least 500 American citizens to fend for themselves under Taliban rule in Afghanistan. GREAT!)

“In addition to security processing, evacuees receive extensive COVID-19 and other public health precautions, and are resettled in the United States with the help of government-funded partners,” she wrote. “We urge Congress to appropriate $6.4 billion to enable the success of this multifaceted, historic mission.”

The White House will most likely get their blank check for refugees because the liberal majority will do anything to avoid a government shutdown at the end of September.

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