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BREAKING: Here’s What To Expect With Biden’s New COVID Plan



Earlier this week, the president announced he planned to reveal a new, 6-pronged-strategy for handling the Delta variant.

You know, THAT variant that peaked some time in July? The one NO ONE is worried about anymore?

That’s the one he plans on using to shift focus from his obvious failure in Afghanistan and his struggling economy.

Little has been revealed about what will be included (read, MANDATED) but Jen Psaki hinted that it may very well affect day-to-day life for the unvaccinated, and CNN has dropped some major hints.

Here’s what they’re saying Biden will do:
-pressure private companies to mandate vaccines for customers and employees.
-mandate booster shots to maintain “vaccinated” status
-implement stronger mask requirements (are we going to wear 2 now?)
-ban unvaccinated individuals from federal work

But even if Biden does all of those things, that’s STILL only 4 prongs? What else could be on the agenda?

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