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Nicki Minaj Is The Latest Enemy Of The Leftist State, Here’s Why



This week, the most glittery and elite of the world came together for the most exclusive event of the year, the Met Gala, and one of the most prominent musicians, hip hop artists, and rappers (not to mention fashion icons) in the world, Nikki Minaj, rejected the invitation due to personal reasons including (but not limited to) their vaccine requirement. Unfortunately for Nikki, she also has been publicly questioning vaccine mandates which meant the media was ready to make up some stories to defame the nonbeliever. 

Minaj didn’t actually ever say she wouldn’t get a COVID-19 vaccine or that anyone shouldn’t get vaccinated if they choose. All she did was suggest that people not be bullied into a decision that could impact their health and cited a case with a friend who had a negative reaction to a vaccine. WOW, HOW DARE SHE? IN AMERICA??????

But the left cannot have any questions of their authority. And what does the left do when someone they’ve claimed (a celebrity and a minority woman) not only dares to have her own mind but dares to not comply with one of their moral directives? 

They try to discredit them. The leftist elite and their sheep have been trying to call Nikki Minaj – an objectively successful artist and businesswoman – essentially a stupid liar for her lack of willingness to receive a vaccine and her lack of willingness to provide a reason on demand.

Joy Reid went so far as to completely fabricate a story about Minaj in order to discredit her personal beliefs and choices. 

But don’t worry, Minaj is fighting back. Much in the style of President Trump, Minaj took to Twitter to clap back at her haters and the leftist regime seeking to socially isolate all non-conformists. 

Minaj called out Reid and dozens of other publications for putting words in her mouth, openly lying about things she has or has not said, and shaming her for expressing questions and concerns about government policies and health care. 

It started with Kanye West. When Kanye came out in support of Donald Trump and exposed the left for expecting total thought compliance from all minority Americans, the left knew it had a problem and they were quick to make sure West was “canceled.” 

Only he wasn’t. After coming out for President Trump, West enjoyed some of the most explosive success of his career. From the major success of his clothing line which landed a brand new partnership with Gap Inc. (who filed chapter 11 and would be gone if not for West) but every album he released after endorsing President Trump and through his Presidency (Ye and Jesus is King) went number 1 in the U.S. and across the globe. His latest album, Donda, which is his first post-Trump presidency also went number 1 with huge sales. 

After Kanye, we had sweet Addison Rae, one of the most prominent TikTok personalities in the business. After she attended an MMA event with President Trump and publicly showed the President her appreciation and support, the left came for her. But they failed. Her influence far outreached that of the left and she remains one of the most famous faces of gen Z and has signed a multi-feature deal with Netflix. 

What does this have to do with Nikki Minaj? Like West and Rae, Nikki has significant influence over demographics the left likes to claim as “theirs.” They get uncomfortable when those Americans don’t do exactly as they say when they say it because they need to tokenize and dehumanize them in order to not only maintain control of them but also their extremely wealthy elite who thrive on pretending their selfish tyranny is at the behest of the young and the marginalized. 

With West, Minaj, and Rae breaking out as mainstream dissenters from the groupthink machine, I think it’s time the left started to question if they really have the influence they think they do. Are they not the party of “cool” anymore? 

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