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FIRE FAUCI: Animal Abuse Scandal Is Even Worse Than We Thought



Finally, bipartisan agreement that we should FIRE FAUCI!

No, it’s not because the NIH admitted he lied under oath about funding the gain of function research that led to COVID-19.

It’s not even because he’s flipped flopped on booster shots, shutdowns, and mask mandates.

It’s because Fauci absolutely hates dogs.

During the time Fauci helped invent COVID, he was also helping to fund experiments where innocent beagle puppies were literally eaten alive by insects. “FOR SCIENCE!”

The NIAID, which Fauci heads, sent $375,000 to a Tunisian research lab to drug puppies, put their heads into a mesh cage filled, filled the cage with diseased sand flies, and “studied” as the poor puppies were literally eaten alive by bugs.

And apparently, that’s not it.

Fauci funded even more animal abuse with a $1.8 million grant to a California experiment where 44 beagle puppies had their vocal cords cut to make them stop barking.

He also sent $425,000 to Georgia where healthy beagles were drugged and then intentionally infested with parasite-carrying flies (again?) resulting in the dogs literally howling in pain.

Anyone who was not previously disturbed by this power-hungry tyrant is now opening their eyes to Fauci’s brutal science experiments.

A group of 24 lawmakers – Republicans AND Democrats – are now demanding Fauci provide answers about the “reprehensible misuse of taxpayer funds.”

It’s about time everyone woke up and got on board with the obvious path to sanity here: FIRE FAUCI NOW.