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Is Wokeness The New Kryptonite?



Over the past few years the D.C. comic franchise which includes the famous icons of Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman have been moving more and more into the progressive world of “woke” culture; sacrificing decades of character development and plot structures at the altar of liberalism. 

In a resounding crescendo that broke the camel’s back for many longtime fans; recently the D.C. team announced that Superman’s slogan would change from “Truth, justice and the American Way;” to “Truth, justice and a better tomorrow.” 

This change didn’t just push readers over the edge, it’s also causing their own staff to pack up their colored pencils and bail. 

Fighting back against the organization’s blatant anti-American propaganda is former D.C.colorist, Gabriel Eltaeb (right above). 

Eltaeb in a recent podcast: 

“What really pissed me off was saying truth, justice, and a better world,” Eltaeb added. “F*** that it was Truth, Justice, and the American way,” he said. “My Grandpa almost died in World War II; we don’t have a right to destroy shit that people died for to give us. It’s a bunch of f****** nonsense.”

Earlier this year, the franchise decided to make the new Superman, Jon Kent who is Clark Kent, and Lois Lane’s son, gay and in a relationship with a journalist named Jay Nakumura. This was a clear attempt to pander to the progressive ideologues. When none of the evil conservatives cared at all about Jon Kent’s sexuality, it robbed the D.C. executives of the praise they so desperately craved from the screeching blue-haired mob. The truth is they don’t really care about representation, they really only care about stirring the pot and getting patted on the back for being “brave.” So they had to make sure they did something definitely controversial by denouncing America to ensure the evil conservatives would cry out. 

Eltaeb has had it and he’s had it with the bullying and censorship being suffered more globally by conservatives and conservative voices. For more on Eltaeb’s thoughts on D.C. comics and beyond – check out his podcast post here.

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