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Is This Princess The New Meghan Markel?



The U.K. isn’t the only major United States ally with a royal family (apparently). This week in a romantic move that I’m referring to now as Reverse Cinderella, Princess Mako of Japan gave up her royal title to marry her college sweetheart, Kei Kumoro who is a civilian. In Japanese culture, royal women lose their title when they marry or more accurately they adopt the title of their husbands which in the case of the Kumoro’s is no title.

Now Mako Kumoro and her new husband had a respectful, understated ceremony with no royal pomp and circumstances before Mako left her official family on sunny terms with a warm hug and prepared to move to her new home here in the United States. 

The trend of famous princesses shirking their royal titles for a chance at a life in the greatest nation on earth is heating up. Just last year, the English Duke and Duchess Sussex, Prince Harry, and Meghan (Markel) announced they were leaving the royal family and moving to the United States to live as civilians. While it seems that Harry and Meghan actually can’t really give up their titles (or something its confusing) and are still the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, their children were born without titles and given the last name Mountbatten-Windsor. 

Since the British royal couple came to America they have really been nothing but extremely entitled and annoying liberal celebrities. Let’s hope Mako and Kei are much better examples of the American dream. 

Good luck Kumoros! Welcome to a land where we kneel to no king just like Mako.

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