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Joe Biden Draws A Sleepy Crowd For Terry McAuliffe



On Tuesday evening, President Biden joined Democrat gubernatorial nominee Terry McAuliffe for a “rally” in Alexandria.

Energy was… well… here’s a picture.

Despite overwhelming the metropolitan city with even more traffic than usual, it seems the Biden crowd was pretty small. Even “sleepy,” if you will. That’s a big blow to both Democrats – McAuliffe and Biden – considering we’re just a week away from election day and this is the first big event they’ve appeared at together since late July.

Maybe it shouldn’t be surprising, though, considering a Monmouth poll out last week showed more than half of voters disapprove of the job Biden is doing as president, and the latest USA Today Virginia poll shows McAuliffe leading Youngkin by just .4 percent.

All could mean bad news for Virginia Democrats next week.

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