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WOW! New Polling Says A LOT About The Biden Presidency



Sleepy Joe is more unpopular than ever.

That’s no surprise.

But what is a little surprising is the overwhelming poll results that suggest barely anyone thinks Biden is competent or effective.

Remember: this guy just got 81 million votes less than a year ago.

Even NBC News is saying the results are “scary for democrats!”

Chuck Todd said on his show that “the overarching message is Americans have lost their confidence in President Biden and their optimism for the country.”


Here are the actual concerning results:

Is the country headed on the right track or wrong track under Biden:
71% say wrong track
22% say right track

Is Biden able to handle a crisis?
37% say yes
47% say no

Is Biden competent and effective?
37% say yes
50% say no

Which party do you trust to handle the following key issues:

Border security:
+27 favor Republicans

+24 favor Republicans

+22 favor Republicans

National Security:
+21 favor Republicans

+18 favor Republicans

Getting things done:
+13 favor Republicans

The most popular president of all time seems SUPER unpopular right now.