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WOW! Hidden Cameras Catch Immigrants Voting In New Jersey



On Tuesday night, Republicans swept the elections in Virginia and turned out the vote to almost win the governorship in New Jersey. Almost.


The GOP ended up losing by a small margin. And maybe it was because of something like THIS.

Project Veritas caught poll workers in Jersey allowing immigrants to vote – which is, of course, illegal.


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  1. Moe

    November 5, 2021 at 12:38 pm

    Why do you think sneaky Murphy has 800,000 illegals in the state, then bragging about it, and now he joined Delaware in requesting Biden send him, as many Haitian illegals here to Jersey as possible. Like Senile Biden, and Homeland Security Director sneaky little lying Homeland Security chief Mayorkas both should joining be joining Murphy, the nursing home murder, in jail. Democrats in the executive branch and congress must be tried for negligence in the murder of 100,000 citizens from deadly drugs carried in by their invading armies of aliens seeking free necessities for life at our expense. Look the Undocumented yesterday forcefully pushed their way in the USA forcefully bypassing Border guards, The leftest chosen criminal leading the illegals is an American communist, told propaganda media, there will be war if Soldiers try to stop his entering invasion armies.. Now, we accept these illegals out of fear of them , and know we must support them, or they will hurt or murder our national Guard stopping them. Congressional majority democrats are having a self inflicted delivered masturbation organism watching millions and millions of 2024 new illegal voters seeking welfare, running across the borders. Democrats invited undocumented to iinvade us. We now will be forced to support countless millions here to vote for our illegal government.. The Mayorkas and Biden deadly murderous treasonous plan to flood us with illegals, thus they must be arrested for treason, have a fair trail with swift punishment for murders by on purpose negligence cause by deadly drugs carried in by their illegal alien armies. The illegal government weaponized the federal government against their own people. Jersey is just a taste of our future all elections from now on are going to be rigged when possible. Does anyone who is not a leftest moron, or a voting illegal, believe the pure evil running this nation will ever allow us fair elections again? Over 98% of what we are fed as news, are lies. Open borders alone warrant the arrest of some members executive branch for a fair trial on grounds of treasonous deeds like loss of sovereignty millions died to preserve, and worst yet, negligence, on purpose, to illegally flood us with millions we must now support. Our government that tells our people, they are evil for being white, and must be punished by our illegal majority of Communist masters in congress. They are sadly, our illegal Global communist masters now, we must obey them. We must peacefully pray God almighty might protect our loved ones, from the Globalist communist evil running this nation into total destruction. When the economic collapse comes, we must not join the “Build back better,” the slogan origin of United Nations, Global new world order country led by the United Nations.

  2. Jerry

    November 8, 2021 at 12:07 pm

    What a crying shame year after year this goes on in America WHY! Dosent anyone care enough to do something about this problem or is it just standard practice.

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