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Trump Derangement Syndrome

BREAKING: The January 6th Committee Just Proved Something Really Dangerous



On Tuesday night, the House of Representatives voted to hold Mark Meadows, President Trump’s Chief of Staff, in contempt of Congress for supposedly refusing to comply with a subpoena from the January 6th Committee investigating U.S. Capitol attack.

The vote was 222-208 with all liberal members and 2 Never Trump idiots voting yes. (You guessed it, it was Kinzinger and Cheney, the only 2 “Republicans” Nancy Pelosi allowed to be on the corrupt committee).

The House wants to refer meadows to Justice Dept for prosecution which is LAUGHABLE.

How can you claim someone is NOT complying with your so-called investigation when Mark Meadows turned in over 9,000 documents, including personal text messages and emails?

How can you claim he did not comply when, so far, all January 6th hearings have been dedicated to reading and misrepresenting that evidence provided by Mark Meadows?

The only thing this contempt vote proves is that this “investigation” is NOT an investigation. It’s a witch hunt.

No amount of evidence or truth-telling will change what this committee is doing. They don’t want the facts. They want a media firestorm -and as long as CNN has a million sexual assault allegations to cover up – a media firestorm they will have.

If you ask me, Meadows should not have turned over ANY documentation. They were hellbent on charging him with contempt no matter WHAT he did. But he complied anyway and handed over a million perfect soundbites to the left.

Did he think this investigation was going to be FAIR? They clearly never intended to be fair. These committees never are. And this particular one is the most bipartisan SUPERTEAM of corrupt elitists. Their mission is to destroy Trump because he will NEVER be one of them and they’ll take down as many people close to him as possible.

It’s clearly a circus and Republicans should really stop volunteering to perform as the main event.