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10 Best Christmas Trees That Are Helping Us Win The War On Christmas



If you’re like me or Buddy the Elf, your favorite thing about Christmas is the twinkly lights often strung around a tree. From light wrapped palm trees dotting a peaceful winter beach to thick firs surrounded by snow, Christmas trees are one of America’s favorite traditions. 

In the wake of the burning of the Fox News Christmas Tree, I thought it was time we look at the best Christmas Trees America has to offer. 

#10 Anchorage, Alaska Town Square Park Tree

Reliably snowy and cold, every year Anchorage kicks off the holiday season by lighting up their city including Town Square Park with a central Christmas Tree to enjoy. 

#9 Holiday Cactus at Ethel M Chocolates in Las Vegas, Nevada

It’s actually a whole garden of Christmas cactus. A perfect desert winter wonderland.

#8 Circle of Lights tree in Indianapolis, Indiana

Made of lights and strung on a monument, the tree is not only beautiful but also honors Indiana’s service men and women. 

#7 Lahaina, Maui Christmas Banyan Tree

Visitors are able to stroll under the protection of the vast branches and enjoy all the sparkly holiday lights. 

#6 Legoland Lego Christmas Tree in Carlsbad, California 

A Christmas tree made entirely out of legos speaks for itself.

#5 Disney World Resort, Animal Kingdom Lodge Christmas Tree

The African inspired tree in Jambo House at the Resort is not only massive, but its decorated with intricate African masks and instruments.

#4 Christmas Tumbleweed in Chandler, Arizona

The tree is a giant stack of tumbleweeds which is both funny and impressive. 

#3 Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree in Manhattan, New York

An iconic staple even if it is outside of the Fake News castle. 

#2 Floating Christmas Tree in Sumter, South Carolina 

Making the magic of Christmas even more magical by seeming to float. 

#1 The 100 foot tall Christmas tree at DelRay Beach, Florida

Bigger is better. A 100 foot tall tree is a tree worth seeing. Especially in warm weather. Apparently you can also go inside the tree where you see a winter wonderland featuring Santa’s workshop – which is pretty amazing.