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Fox News Christmas Tree Arson Suspect Likely To Go Free



In the early hours of December 8, an arsonist set fire to the Fox News Christmas tree which sits outside their building. The red, white, and blue tree described as “all American” by Fox News representatives was allegedly torched by suspect Craig Tamanaha who scaled the 50-foot tree and lit it on fire from the top. 

Even though there were eyewitnesses including law enforcement who saw Tamanaha allegedly light the tree on fire, he is unlikely to even be held in jail. In January of 2020, New York passed a law that allows criminals to go free if they do not qualify for a bail hold. In order for arson to qualify for bail in New York, it must have been a “hate crime.” Unfortunately “hating Christmas” won’t qualify and hating someone’s politics probably won’t either. 

That’s right, in New York a criminal can intentionally set fire and destroy someone’s home, car, business, and any other property they want and not go to jail while they wait for their trial. Judges do not have the discretion to set bail in these cases. This was a convenient policy change for the BLM rioters who terrorized the city in the year following, many of who went without charges.

In the case of Tamanaha who does not have a known current address, it is unlikely he will show up for his court date. And since a Christmas tree can’t exactly ask for a restraining order, Fox News will need to assign a security detail. 

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