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Joe Biden’s Wonderful Life: A Christmas Tale



On almost Christmas eve, Joe Biden is President and the world is falling apart. He needs a sign from above that he should be President and that his first year in office wasn’t a catastrophic mistake for the whole world. From above, the angels look down at his administration and wonder: what went wrong? 

It all started when Joe Biden was a young Senator dreaming of bigger things….like a taco bar in the Senate dining room. Even though his drunk boss, President Bill Clinton, was sad about his girlfriend, Monica, breaking up with him – Senator Biden had his back and crafted the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Bill also known as the “Crime Bill” of 1994.

Joe Biden rose to fame and prominence in the Senate and thought he was about to make his dream come true and become President until he met Senator Barack Obama and he knew he was stuck as second potato for a while. 

But it wasn’t long before he was able to rise to his dreams and become President of the United States with a little help from his closest allies. 

Once in charge, Joe Biden made a big impact. He had big ideas and big dreams and he brought them to the American people. 

But for some reason that Joe Biden cannot possibly understand, things seem to be going really badly. Inflation is high. The middle east is falling apart. China is increasing hostilities and diplomatic relations have halted. Crime is going up and employment is going down. Where did he go wrong? He wonders: Would it have been better if he never was President? 

Answering his prayers, the Free Press Fail angels came down to show Joe Biden what the world would look like if he’d never been President. 

The economy would be thriving. People would be happy at work, supplies would be ample and inflation would be held at bay. 

Individuals would be free to speak their mind and make their own medical choices. They’d be happily employed regardless of their religious beliefs, health care decisions or political ideologies. They’d be free from the cage of the cult Covid. 

But even though it appears America would be much better off if he’d never be President, he still gets all the money, support and attention that the media and progressives can provide. 

So as President, Joe Biden can do, say, or fail at whatever he wants and achieve an astoundingly low approval rating and his army of sycophants will still prop him up and tell him he’s a good boy. The American people and their need for basic essentials like energy and food supply be darned. They’re all just haters anyway. Who even needs peacetime and to breathe freely without the encumbrance of a useless piece of cloth? 

It really is a Wonderful Life after all for Joe Biden. 

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