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BREAKING: Project Veritas Exposes Fauci’s Lies



Project Veritas released a new video detailing official documents they obtained which reveal that the United States Military rejected the “gain of function” research proposal submitted by the Eco_Health Alliance before Anthony Fauci’s team picked it up and ran with it, ignoring concerns from the military. This is in direct conflict with testimony from Fauci to Congress where he stated repeatedly that his organization never participated in “gain of function research.”

The documents come from an official report from the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA) out of the Department of Defense which is the wing of the U.S. defense program responsible for strategic research. The report was compiled by Major Joseph Murphy of the United States Marine Corp.

The report, though not classified, was for reasons still unknown saved in a shared drive which is classified as “Top Secret.” The Chief of Communications for DARPA, Jared Adams, indicated that placing a document that is not marked as classified in a classified folder is not standard practice and he did not have any idea why that would have happened in an official capacity. This of course raises the question of who place the report there and why they would do so considering the critical importance to the American people of the information it contained. 

Though the liberal twitter mafia has been quick to try and discredit Project Veritas, no one has yet to deny the validity of the documents and in fact the comments by the Chief of Communications at DARPA seem to confirm their legitimacy. Twitter has even suspended top Project Veritas leadership coincidentally on the day these documents were released. 

Read the Project Veritas full report here including all of the supporting documents and decide for yourself if Anthony Fauci has repeatedly lied to the American people and abused taxpayer dollars to essentially invent COVID-19. 

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