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Rand Paul CRUSHES Dr. Fauci: Here Are The Highlights



Anthony Fauci is in front of Congress again as new information has come to light on his and the National Institute of Health’s involvement in the creation of COVID-19 and the unethical (and potentially illegal) use of U.S. funding for “gain of function” research.

There is an ongoing “feud” between Senator Rand Paul who seeks answers to the basic fact-based questions surrounding Fauci’s involvement in “gain of function” research and Fauci who does not like to be questioned and has repeatedly lied and misled Congress. 

Here are all the best moments between Rand and Fauci in the January 11 hearing: 

  1. When Dr. Rand Paul asked about the emails Fauci and Dr. Francis Collins sent (which Rand had in front of him) detailing their attempts to discredit scientists who disagreed with them on COVID-19 
  1. When Fauci blamed Dr. Rand Paul because a man thousands of miles away from him who was captured immediately and had no means of reaching him apparently had a “kill list” which included his name amongst many others of no relevance to Dr. Rand Paul

  1. When Dr. Rand Paul had the high ground
  1. When Fauci lost his mind and went totally unhinged trying to deny the recent DARPA report unveiled by Project Veritas in response to Senator Marshall but then evoked Dr. Rand Paul again because he missed him. Senator Patty Murray (democratic chairwoman) had to jump in and save him.