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BREAKING: Tom Brady for President?



After much speculation and back and forth from fans and analysts, Tom Brady has officially announced his retirement from the NFL. After 22 seasons of football, seven Super Bowl wins and one of the most lasting hand-size-related scandals of all time, Tom Brady is ready to sail off into the sunset in beautiful sunny Florida where America still exists. 

His retirement is unusual in its nature in that Tom Brady is not too old to continue to play and he played very strong last season. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers made the play-offs this year and in the post-season game they ultimately lost, they came back from a 27-3 deficit ultimately tying the game. The Los Angeles Rams managed a field goal as the clock expired to win and now they’re the ones heading to the Super Bowl. In fact, Tom Brady led the NFL in touchdowns and completions last season. It’s easy to say that he is still at the absolute top of his game. Even before his announcement, speculation pointed to Brady being overall NFL MVP for the season which would be his fourth win if he manages it.

But what’s next for Brady and his beautiful Florida family? Here’s my pitch: Tom Brady for President….of his homeowner’s association. 

Tom Brady is America’s prom king and as much as I don’t want to lose him from the limelight, he probably deserves a little downtime. But hey maybe a little HOA leadership can train him for a bright future in the GOP? In the meantime, he has a podcast if you need a Brady fix.

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