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BREAKING: The Biden Jobs Report SPIN is IN! Here’s What They’re Saying



The Biden administration has been preparing for a miserable jobs report all week.

We saw Jen Psaki overhype the effect of the Omicron variant.

We saw that payroll indicated there was a 301k drop in employees, compared to a 200k predicted rise.

So it was a huge surprise when the White House announced on Friday that they had created 467k jobs in January. More than the 160k predicted!

Of course, Biden patted himself on the back immediately.

The problem here is: these numbers just don’t add up.

It’s apparent the administration is now counting the people who went back to work after COVID lockdowns as “new” or “added” jobs. (This is something they have not done in previous months.)

This positive report also happens to coincide with the end of monthly stimulus check, which Biden wanted to continue but GOP finally managed to end via work requirements.

Calling the jobs report a huge success would be a LIE.

But Biden just doesn’t see it that way. His ego probably won’t let him.

He thinks he’s made history!

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