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BREAKING: Tyranny Takes Over In Canada



As you’ve probably heard by now, an inspiring group of truckers across Canada have been peacefully – and successfully- protesting the vaccine mandates imposed by the Canadian government.

Of course, this dissent infuriates liberals like Justin Trudeau. (Or, Trudouche, as I like to call him.)

He sees any protest as an attack on his authority, which has grown enormously under COVID policies.

So, yesterday, Trudouche did what all tyrants who are afraid of an uprising do. He misinformed the public, issued threats against the truckers, and doubled down with more tyrannical orders.

Trudouche invoked never-before-used powers under the Emergencies Act. With this move, he granted himself the power to BAN protests, limit the free travel of citizens, and – most notably- FREEZE ASSETS. He claims he will use this authority to seize trucks, cancel insurance policies, and limit banking of truckers who continue to participate in the Freedom Convoy.

He’s also made moves to make crowdsource funding for the truckers illegal under “anti-money laundering and terror-financing rules.”

Several Canadian leaders have already spoken out against the clear power grab.

The Canadian Civil Liberties Association issued a statement that questions whether or not the move was even legal, saying “The government has not met the threshold necessary to invoke the Emergencies Act.”

Though these threats are absolutely outrageous- it seems clear that the truckers still hold all the cards here. Or, all the goods.

If Tyrant Trudouche follows through with plans to seize or tow trucks, freeze accounts, and keep every member of the Freedom Convoy at home, he still has a huge problem. He still needs the truckers to do their jobs to keep the economy moving. Someone still has to deliver the goods! And who on earth would sign up for that job after this treatment? I hope NO ONE.