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“Jesus, Guns, Babies” A GOP Candidate Keeps It Simple



A GOP primary candidate for Governor of Georgia, Kandiss Taylor, recently released photos of her brand new campaign bus dawning her campaign slogan: “Jesus, Guns, Babies.” Up against the incumbent coward and traitor, Brian Kemp and the President Trump-backed David Perdue, Taylor has an uphill battle on her path to the general election. But one thing is for sure, she knows what conservatives like. 

Her photos have gone viral and drawn so much interest to her campaign website it seems to have crashed and was still down when I tried to visit a few times today. So despite the lefties on Twitter making fun of her and calling her a satire of herself, it seems like Taylor might know what she’s doing having now lured herself national attention. 

Dr. Kandiss Taylor (as much of a doc as Jill Biden at least) is actually a well-educated teacher. She entered the race to give people an alternative to the same old political class and to make sure Georgians had a few options other than Brian Kemp. Similar to the issues which plagued democrats in Virginia, Taylor has called out the problems with the state protecting predators at public schools and failing to appropriately prosecute on behalf of injured students. 

Hopefully, the primary interest in Georgia does not divide the vote of folks looking to oust Kemp but keep Georgia red. In the meantime, it looks like Kandiss Taylor has made her big splash.

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