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BIDEN’S FAKE NEWS: How He’s Using The Crisis In Ukraine To His Advantage



Yesterday – after Russia already admitted to sending ground troops to Ukraine – Biden issued harsh economic sanctions that will inevitably increase the cost of energy for America.

He told us “…defending freedom will have costs for us as well, here at home.”

That’s a TOTAL LIE for multiple reasons.

  1. The economic sanctions do not actually defend freedom at all because, as mentioned, Russia has already invaded Ukraine.
  2. Thanks to Biden’s terrible energy policies, his executive orders that haulted domestic oil production, and his out-of-control spending policies that have the money printer going absolutely insane, inflation has been surging over 5% this whole year. Last month, it reached 7.5%!

The cost of gas was ALREADY on the rice. When Joe took office, gasoline averaged $2.50/gallon. Today, it’s $3.30.

But he was right about one thing: those prices ARE about to go up. And you are going to pay for it.

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