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Media Says Trump Loves Putin, But Here’s Proof Biden Loves Him WAY MORE!



As Joe Biden is humiliated once again on the global stage for his disastrous mismanagement of forgein policy, liberals are desperately trying to point fingers at President Trump, accusing him of supporting Putin in this dark hour. 

As Russia invades Ukraine lead by Valdmir Putin the same way it did under President Obama and then Vice President Biden in 2014, D.C. jerkoffs and insufferable blood thirsty pundits thought leaders are salivating over the idea of delicious war and bloodshed. Anyone who points out that there are a lot of self-created problems here at home that we might want to focus on instead, to these “thinkers,” are communist Putin lovers. Free Press Fail favorite Tucker Carlson took to the airwaves to poke fun at this very notion and point out all the devastating issues we have pending here in the United States. 

To deflect from the fact that Joe Biden has, since he took office, allowed the Taliban to take over Afghanistan (abandoning thousands of Americans abroad and hundreds of thousands of pieces of military equipment actually giving the Taliban the second largest supply of Black Hawk helicopters in the world) and allowed Russia to invade another country basically recreating the path of the Soviet Union; liberals are pointing fingers at Trump saying really he is the biggest Putin lover of them all. 

But who is right? On this episode of Geopolitical Bachelor; who would get Putin’s final rose? Trump or Biden?

Trump: Called Putin a “genius” for declaring parts of Ukraine independent and positioning himself as the region’s peacekeeper because it’s a savvy use of language during an invasion 

Trump noted that if he was in the White House Putin never would have dared to invade Ukraine which seems true considering Putin didn’t invade Ukraine while he was in the White House but has invaded Ukraine every time Biden has been in the White House. He indicated that it was smart for Putin to change his talking points and that Biden was not a worthy opponent to Putin’s gamesmanship because he was unable to respond at all to Putin’s declarations of “independence.” 

Biden: Financially supported Putin’s invasion of Ukraine by funding the construction of a natural gas pipeline for Russia 

Just one month ago, while the issue in Ukraine was already taking shape, Congressional Republicans led by Ted Cruz fought valiantly to impose sanctions on the Russian Nord Stream 2 pipeline. Democrats backed Joe Biden and refused to sanction the project which resulted in millions of dollars to fund the very invasion taking place today. Biden has repeatedly supported the financial backing of Putin and Russia by allowing them to build intercountry pipelines all while shutting down our own pipelines, costing the US and Canada energy independence, thousands of jobs, and countless millions of dollars, under the auspices of environmental protection. I guess climate change is regionalized. As of the moment I write this the US has still not sanctioned this pipeline. Only our ally, Germany has stood up and blocked its certification. Reports are out that Biden is likely to impose sanctions (finally) on the pipeline sometime on February 23rd or 24th over a month after the situation in the Ukraine escalated and many millions of dollars since initially supporting its construction. 

So who gets the final rose?

Joe Biden!!!! When it comes to love, actions speak louder than words and money isn’t everything but it definitely helps! Where does flattery really get you? Congratulations to the happy couple. Enjoy your bloody war!

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