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Top 5 Examples Of Twitter’s Babylon Bee Hypocrisy On “Hateful Conduct”



Twitter suspended the account of the popular satirical publication, The Babylon Bee, over a tweet promoting an article that awarded Rachel Levine the Babylon Bee “Man of the Year” award in an effort to satirize the USA Today article naming Rachel Levine “Woman of the Year.” 

Twitter said that the tweet violated their “hateful conduct” policy but the policy says that hateful conduct includes harassment or calls to violence. It does not say that anything which is offensive or rude or will hurt feelings is impermissible. 

Here are all the examples of equally offensive or hurtful tweets which have been allowed to stay and accounts unsuspended: 

  1. Mitt Romney calling Tulsi Gabbard a treasonist murderer

Rep. Tuli Gabbard of Hawaii is a sitting member of Congress elected by her people. Not to mention a minority race and a woman and a veteran. There is no evidence that she has committed any acts of treason or intentionally lied while expressing her views against conflict with Russia regarding the invasion of Ukraine. And yet, Romney (not a veteran – dodged the Vietnam draft) has slandered her by calling her a treasonist and hung the lives of the dead on her shoulders. Twitter does not consider this explosive accusation – which has criminal implications – to be hateful conduct. 

  1. Liberal comedian and podcast contributor for Knowledge Fight, Jordan Holmes, demanding Clarence Thomas die 

Not only did Holmes post the first tweet which is still up as of 2 pm March 21 but he doubled down with the second tweet saying we should all want Clarence Thomas to be dead. Somehow this is not hateful conduct. 

  1. Popular Britney Spears fan account, Britney Stan, called Jamie Lynn Spears “scum” 

This probably hurt Jamie Lynn’s feelings. Not to mention how the #FreeBritney movement, led largely by this account and others like it, systematically harassed Jamie Lynn Spears on all forms of social media. The tweets from those #FreeBritney fans still exist including the death threats. 

  1. This guy called J.K. Rowling a very mean name

This account isn’t verified but it does have a sturdy 4,500 followers and this very mean tweet did get a lot of traction. I think being call a stinky little bag of sh*t is probably as hurtful as being called a man. 

  1. Jimmy Kimmel the late night “comedian” called creating humiliation porn starring Ted Cruz

Since Ted Cruz specifically said that this photo bothered him when it was shown on Jimmy Kimmel’s late night show, it’s crazy that Twitter didn’t suspend Jimmy’s account. I mean, the rule is if it hurts feelings it has to go right? Does this not implicitly shame sexuality? Offensive = banned? 

To be clear: none of these accounts should be suspended and most of these tweets were done in jest or satire or in a free and fair speech opposing someone’s actions. But the point is that they’re all as nasty or more than the Babylon Bee – a self-proclaimed fake news site – calling a transwoman a man to be mean and draw attention to a hotly debated issue regarding women’s rights.

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