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Joe Biden Gets TOTALLY SNUBBED In His Own Home



Yesterday Joe Biden had his former boss Former President Barack Obama over to the White House for reasons (I actually don’t know what they were and I don’t care). Watch as everyone there fell over themselves to speak with the former president and literally ignore Joe Biden. It is PAINFUL. 

So weird since more people voted for Joe Biden than Barack Obama…

Click the tweets see the embarrassment.

Joe Biden doing a really good impression of me at my High School prom:

Joe wondering why Kamala has never smiled that big for him

Some liberal media has HILARIOUSLY tried to make this into some right wing conspiracy. But when they provide the “undoctored” videos its still Joe Biden getting jilted by a hundred people in favor of Barack Obama. Their big defense is that someone – when in the presence of the President of the United States who received the most votes in American history – asked that President to be introduced to someone she found more interesting than him.

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