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BREAKING: Biden Has A New Stupid Plan to Take Your Guns



Today Joe Biden is expected to announce new gun control measures, this time taking aim at gun kits where end-users assemble their own weapon. With a total disregard for the second amendment, again, Joe Biden plans to announce a requirement to serialize every single part of a gun sold online and to require a background check for any consumer purchasing any gun parts or kits. 

A quick reminder: Joe Biden does not have the authority to circumvent the constitution without an act of Congress even if he thinks gun parts are scary. 

It’s always something with these libs. First it was silencers (which half of the inventory of Home Depot could be considered a part to make a silencer) and now its gun-making kits. To serial number every piece of a gun part is to erroneously assume that parts that make up a gun are not parts that make up other things. Biden and his cronies would be essentially suggesting that every particular metal hinge that could be used to create a weapon be serialized. 

Further – there is absolutely no data to support the notion that these so-called “ghost guns” have been used in a significant way to commit violent crime. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics – less than 2% of inmates who had been incarcerated for crime committed with a gun obtained their gun through retail means of any kind including online retail. In fact, 56% of those inmates obtained their guns through theft. Meaning no matter how many registries you make – criminals wanting a gun with the intent to commit crimes with that gun are very likely to just steal it. Another 43% of criminals who used guns obtained them from the black market meaning they bought them off-street dealers who definitely do not keep a registry and never will. 

And just in case you wanted a quick blast from the past on progressive gun issues de jour – of criminals who committed their crime with a gun only .8% obtained it from an evil gun show (that was their favorite thing to hate back in 2016 when this study was done).  

Here is the inconvenient truth for the left: gun violence in general is extremely predictable. 2% of Counties in America have over 50% of the nation’s murders. 5% have over 68% of the nations murders. Almost 60% of American counties have no murders per year and 70% have only 1 per year. The counties that are the most dangerous for violent crime are almost exclusively liberal run counties like Los Angeles which leads the nation in murders by gun. Statistically speaking, conservative-run rural communities have gun ownership rates that are twice as high as their urban liberal counterparts and they often have 0 murders in their communities. 

The facts on gun violence are very clear: where there is poverty there is violence. This can be applied on an even global scale well beyond the bounds of America. Gun ownership and gun laws statistically have almost no bearing on gun violence and, if anything, more conservatively operated areas of America fare better in gun violence than those with liberal leadership who would be more likely to implement strict gun control laws, like Los Angeles. If liberals want to curb gun violence they should really reconsider their position on breeding a welfare state. 

Joe Biden’s plan to make buying gun kits harder has one aim and that’s to fundraise for scared wealthy liberals who have never seen a gun wielded to do harm in their entire lives and to annoy conservative who buy guns legally and use them responsibly. Biden and the progressive army want a gun registry of legal gun owners because they are well aware that those owners who are actually registered aren’t the ones killing people, they’re the ones voting against them.