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Everything Woke Turns To Sh*t: 8 Shows On Disney+ That Prove It



You have all seen the drama with Disney taking on Florida’s parental rights and student protection bill which bans sexual and gender education in public schools before grade 3 without parental consent. Yes, liberals are quite mad that they can’t teach 6-year-old children about sex, gender identity, and sex politics. How will these six-year-olds paint their picket signs without the proper education? 

Anyway realizing their major misstep in activating the teacher’s unions on this issue, the liberals have deftly pivoted to forcing Disney (obviously a huge staple in Florida) to take a big position and distract everyone from being mad at Disney instead of labor unions and liberal candidates. 

But just because this is an obvious and effective distraction technique doesn’t mean Disney didn’t really double down in the weirdest way with executives making brash and bold statements about Disney being “woke” and needing to up its “queer” game. It’s not that I care if there are gay and otherwise diverse characters on Disney so much as I care about the coded progressive language being used which is meant not only to diversity representation but actually program broader liberal ideology into children. In doing some digging after all the controversy broke – I have for you the most woke shows on Disney+ to probably avoid or at least watch with a heavy grain of salt. 

Here is the liberalist mind melts on Disney+ right now: 

  1. Cheaper By the Dozen (2022) 

Even the leftist media didn’t like this movie. Their shoe-horned race-baiting political nonsense was extremely weird, poorly done, and weirdly tired for a progressive agenda. It was hard to even root for some of the characters because of how much they’d overreact to the smallest “microaggressions” throughout the whole film. And they let their kids speak rudely to them and other adults and pride themselves on it. It’s awful, it’s a true liberal nightmare.

  1. Turning Red 

This movie is a very on-the-nose metaphor for a young girl getting her first period and for women subsequently getting their periods. Period education is great but it doesn’t belong in random cartoon content billed as entertainment and not as education. Would make a great puberty video for 10 – 13-year-old girls though. Speaking of the quality sex-ed curriculum. Also, it takes place in Canada which on its own is enough to make this list.

  1. Goofy in How To Stay At Home 

There is an entire series following the loveable Goofy as he learns how to stay at home including wearing a mask and binge-watching shows. If there is anything kids need it is to learn to live in fear and never go outside as well as to wear masks inside their own homes. This is the kind of COVID-19 inspired nonsense that has to be stopped. 

  1. Fauci

Awarded the honor of the Fail award for worst picture at the 2022 Conservative Critic Awards, Fauci is the biggest load of propagandistic hooey I have ever seen. Could not recommend less. Ironically, Disney+ held the honor of winning both the Fail and the Freedom in 2022 (Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings won the Freedom for best picture). 

  1. The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder

The executive behind this series is the one who said she thought it was critical to “add queerness” to shows and to push her “gay agenda.” As always the issue is never that a character is or is not gay. The issue is this “agenda” tends to include all kinds of other boundaries pushing liberal ulterior motivations. For example, in viewing this show I saw that there was only one gay character who by the way was gay in the original early 00s series but what they did do was write out all forms of villains including the gang of girls who used to rob people (now they sing). NO ONE IS EVER THE BAD GUY OR WRONG! Also, they have all kinds of random race-related things (like not touching black girl hair) even though 99% of the characters are black, multiracial or otherwise marginalized. It’s too much.

  1. The Weekend Family

This is a French show (ugh) about a guy who is divorced three times and has children from all three of his wives and just sees them on weekends. And then he gets another live-in girlfriend months after ending his last marriage. Even though most rich people and politicians have this kind of insane story regarding multiple divorces and child parents, the masses consider this to be fairly problematic behavior. The show also features heavy environmental justice tropes. 

  1. Avatar

Never forget the classic woke garbage. Avatar is just a  loose metaphor for environmental justice and progressive anti-energy development nonsense.

  1. Frozen 2

Anna commits environmental terrorism and only doesn’t destroy her entire town (with no knowledge of whether or not people were in the town) because her sister has magic powers. Anna would have killed everyone and destroyed everything they worked for and felt morally justified because she was standing up for the native people. Never considered maybe coming up with some alternatives so that everyone could thrive. The liberalist of morals.