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The Top True Crime Dramas That You Should Be Watching



There is a major trend in Hollywood right now to make dramatized series about famous crimes/scandals in American history. New to the trend is the propensity to create content that follows very recent scandals instead of leaning on the past, though, there is a lot of both to be had for viewers. 

Personally, I am a lover of true crime and by dramatizing it instead of making only documentary series, Hollywood has never made it shinier, pulpier, and better looking. I am here for the trend.

Recently the Conservative Critic has reviewed several of these shows so here is a good list of all the best true crime dramas to watch across all your streaming services if you’re ready to get in on the trend: 

  1. The Girl From Plainville on Hulu

The Girl From Plainview follows the story of Michelle Carter (played by Elle Fanning) who was convicted of manslaughter for sending her boyfriend over 1000 texts encouraging him to kill himself and even demanding he do so leading up to his death. See my full review here.

  1. WeCrashed on Apple TV+

WeCrashed is about the unbelievable and yet very true events which lead to the super success of WeWork and subsequently its catastrophic collapse. The show stars Jared Leto and Anne Hathaway as WeWork’s royal couple, Adam and Rebekah Neumann. WeCrashed takes the story to an interpersonal level, giving viewers a glimpse into the founder’s lives, not just their choices. Read the full review here.

  1. The Thing About Pam on NBC or Peacock

The Thing About Pam is the story of Pam Hupp who was ultimately convicted of murdering Louis Gumpenberger in a suspected attmept to cover up her original murder of “friend” Betsy Faria. Pam is also suspected of murdering her own mother all for large finanical windfalls. The show is about the botched investigations and corrupt small town justice system which originally ignored Pam’s obvious lies and convicted the wrong man in Betsy’s death plus more. See the full review here.

  1. Inventing Anna, Netflix

Inventing Anna is the Anna Delvey/Sorokin story about a girl who conned her away into Manhattan’s oldest and most elite money and social circles. The show follows Anna on her spending adventures and her ultimate downfall through her trial. See the full review here

  1. The Drop Out, Hulu

The Dropout is the story of Theranos and its founder Elizabeth Holmes who raised millions of dollars in venture capital for a blood test that could reveal cancers and other sicknesses a patient might have in just one draw. Unfortunately, the test never worked and the show follows the rise and fall of her journey raising money and facing trial. No review on this one yet! So briefly: it’s a little dry but a compelling story.

  1. The Morning Show, Apple TV+ 

A little more drama and fiction than the others on the list, The Morning Show tells a fictionalized (but extremely close to true) version of the Matt Lauer sex abuse and harassment scandal which lead to the revamp of the Today show. Jennifer Anniston has never been better. No review on this one because I was way late to the party in watching! But it’s a good one, especially season one. 

  1. Pam and Tommy, Hulu 

Pam and Tommy tells the story of the stolen sex tape of Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee which changed the world and basically invented internet search engines. Lily James as Pam and Sebastian Stan as Tommy both give outstanding performances and the viewer gets a lot of perspective on how Pamela Anderson’s life was ruined by a stranger. Read the full review here.

  1. American Crime Story, Impeachment, Hulu 

American Crime Story, Impeachment dramatizes the well-known tale of President Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinksy and the events which lead to their scandalous affair being wrapped up in an impeachment trial. Beanie Feldstein plays Monica and Clive Owen plays Bill plus Cobie Smulders does an insanely good take on Ann Coulter. No official reviews from me because I was very late to viewing. But definitely fun for political junkies!

While Hulu looks to be the clear winner of true crime dramas, there are plenty to go around the streaming world. So pop that popcorn and get watching! 

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