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I’m Sorry To His Wife But Ben Shapiro CAN GET IT 



The time has come for conservative women to defend Ben Shapiro who was allegedly “owned” as the liberals put it by some college student with a dirty mouth and no respect for women. The allegation from the left by these filthy and rude libs is that Ben doesn’t do it for his wife during bedroom time. In this instance the person used saltier language as often they do.

For a long time, conservative women have stepped back in a deep respect for Dr. Mor Shapiro, Ben’s wife, and not come all thirsty for Ben. But in light of these accusations, it’s time for a fact check. 

Ladies and gentlemen: Ben Shapiro can get it. 10/10. 

Here’s a list of why (I’m sorry Dr. Shapiro but also good for you): 

  1. Ben stands up for the sanctity and value of human life and compassion is hot

One of the few men to be brave enough to stand up for what he believes and protect the unborn. Listen to his speech at a March for Life rally here. Try to control yourself. 

  1. Ben Shapiro is an extremely successful businessman and entrepreneur and lemme just tell you that ambition isn’t everything but it goes a long way.

Ben Shaprio founded the popular conservative website and publication The Daily Wire which is now home to some of the most recognizable names in conservative thinking and commentary including Candace Owens. He has since launched an entertainment wing of The Daily Wire which is producing childrens content as well as films starring big name actors like Gina Carano. He also has a top 10 national podcast and radio show. Boy’s doing good and looking good doing it.

  1. Short king energy 

I have no idea how tall Ben Shaprio is but I am here for a short king as are all queens. Short king energy > 6 feet of not trying that hard. Ben has that I-put-in-the-work-from-down-here vibe which makes short kings one of the superior male categories (up there with hot gingers, and lumberjacks). 

  1. Authoritative voice – yes, please.

Ben’s voice isn’t a traditionally sexy baritone but it does that thing that seems to be a little condescending and tbh it really works for most ladies. Like – don’t tell us what to do but also maybe kind of do. There is data to support this considering the wild popularity of his show. 

  1. Strong eyebrow game 

You might not think eyebrows matter much but look at men with terrible brows and you tell me which one is getting the ladies.

In conclusion, Ben Shapiro is a DILF and we only haven’t said so cause we’re trying to not be so tacky all the time like we are about Jim Jordan.

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